Weapon and Vehicle Data Overhaul

I have overhauled the weapon and vehicle data use in Focused Firepower, and the updated files are now available to download from the ORBATs and Dafaxes sections for each nation.

The ranges for all weapons have been updated to follow the same formula based on their real world ranges. The way that ranges and AT values are used for tank and field guns have been completely redesigned to follow the same range formula, and have a more accurate and wider range of AT values for each weapon taken directly from published penetration data.

Please note that the vehicle cards for German vehicles are still to be updated.

2 thoughts on “Weapon and Vehicle Data Overhaul

  1. First, I am so glad I found these rules. Not sure where they were linked from, but I was looking at a few other rules sets and stumbled upon these. Well done and thanks for sharing! Was wondering though, is there any chance the formulas could be released?

    Again, this is epic awesome sauce! I can not approve enough!

    • Hello. Glad you like the rules system. The points calculator document on the core rules page provides the information required to work out vehicles, weapons and units. However, it does need to be updated to the new method of determining armour/AP values and weapon ranges.

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