Valiant Miniatures 1/72 German Paratroop Heavy Weapons Set

Valiant Miniatures have released a new plastic model kit. This, the 10th kit in their plastics range, features heavy weapons used by German paratroopers during World War II.

Available now –


This set contains:
PaK 36 37mm AT Gun
AT Rocket for PaK 36
LG40 75mm Recoilless Gun
50mm Mortar
AT Rifle
Wheeled Weapons Container
11 Crew Figures


“Extra firepower for your German airborne forces. The set contains the LG40 75mm recoilless gun first used in the battle for Crete, a PaK 36 37mm anti-tank gun with Stielgranate 41 anti-tank grenade option – as seen in action in the Carentan episode of Band of Brothers, a 50mm Granatwerfer 36 light mortar and an Panzerbüchse 39 anti-tank rifle. 11 figures with arm/ammunition options are supplied and the set comes complete with a wheeled drop canister. ”


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