The rules and associated support provided on this forum are FREE!

All we ask is that people consider donating to a soldiers charity of their choice to show their appreciation. Everyone involved in the project provides their time and expertise free of charge, this website DOES NOT TAKE INDIVIDUAL PAYMENT OR DONATIONS.

People who wish to contribute to the soldier charity of thier choice should do so in privacy.

Don’t tell us how much you donate, keep it personal (the way all good altruistic acts should be). Also don’t be ashamed of how much or how little you can afford! By donating directly to your charity every penny you contribute goes to the people who really deserve it.

It is our hope that we can continue as part of the wider wargaming community, to support the work done by members in raising the public awareness of soldier’s charities and hope that together we can all continue to assist and support the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way for all our sakes.

Thank you.

Forces Charities
Help for Heroes
Combat Stress
Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund
Royal British Legion

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