Trial Scenario – Ideal for first time players and demonstration games

Following the D Day landings Allied forces push on through France, forcing the German into retreat. River crossings were vitally important to the Allied advance. The retreating German forces began destroying bridges as they withdrew to slow the Allied forces down in an attempt at gaining time for their forces to regroup and form a more solid defence.

In response the Allies sent swift moving forces ahead of the main advance to secure key bridges and hold off the Germans until the main force could arrive.

German Forces: 1 Rifle Platoon & 1 StuG III
British Forces: 1 Rifle Platoon & 1 M10 Achilles

German Objectives
 Destroy the bridge.
Secondary: Have 50% of friendly elements across the bridge.
Tertiary: Defined by the player.

British Objectgives
 Secure the bridge intact.
Secondary: Defined by the player.
Tertiary: Defined by the player.



1 – Stone Bridge (Height 1)
2 – German Start Point
3 – British Start Point
4 – Three Storey Building/Church (Height 2)
5 & 6 – Two Storey Buildings (Height 2)
7 – Small Hill (Height 2)
The dark green spots indicate that the hill should be covered with a wood.

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