Points Costing Progress

I have been going through the updated weapons to try and work out new points costs for the field and tank guns. I had two different formulas in mind, so went through the crib sheets applying the formulas to each weapon and see what works best. After going through with both formulas, I have settled on a 3rd option that merges the other two together. Once I have it all worked out and have uploaded the new file, I will amend the points calculator document with the new formula. At some point I’ll also need to take a look at the small arms and see if I need to change the points costs there, but I think they are ok for now.

Once I have finished costing the weapons, I can take a look at the vehicles and see about working out the points for them. With the armour values changed along the same likes as the AT values of the guns, I would need to work out a different formula for the vehicles as well.

On a related note, I have been thinking about the Sloped Armour rule. Rather than having the rule apply to every shot against the vehicle, or noting the facings that the rule applies to in the special rules section, I am thinking of simply adding an ‘s’ after the armour values that the rule would apply to. this would mean that a vehicles armour profile could look like this; 7s/5s/4/2. This profile would indicate that the front and side facings have sloped armour, so the sloped armour special rule would apply to shots hitting those facings.

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