Ordnance QF 75mm Gun

I have just uploaded a new copy of the weapons crib sheet to the Core Rules page.

This small update adds in the details for the Ordnance QF 75mm Gun. This is the gun fitted to the Cromwell and Churchill Mk.VII tanks. With these being amongst the most popular tanks for the British, this addition will surely be welcome.

Adapted from the 6 pounder by drilling out the barrel to increase the calibre (without altering the outward appearance) the weapon was able to fire a more effective HE round than the more common 6 pounder, and the 17 pounder, while having inferior AP rounds. This was ideal for vehicles designed to engage ‘soft’ targets.

The HE value of the 75mm gun’s round is 2 higher than for the 17 pounder and a substantial 4 higher than the 6 pounder’s round, marking a significant increase in effectiveness against infantry.You will note that the Point Blank range AP values do not show the mm value. This is because I was unable to find quoted AP capabilities within this range. So, using my experience thus far, I have included AP values that I believe most likely for those rounds.

Happy Gaming!

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