German Forces

The German Forces document begins with an overview of Germany’s involvement in the conflict, followed by the special rules that apply to the German Forces in the game.

After this introduction the document details the German Infantry Company organisation for 1939-1942 and Grenadier Company for 1943-1945. This section described the units, their points costs, and equipment of each unit member, as well as the alterations made to the Infantry Sections in 1944.

The German Vehicles Document details the information on the vehicles used by the German forces. For now this contains the most common vehicles, such as tanks, but will have the more uncommon vehicles added over time. The table for each vehicle not only contains data used within Focused Firepower, but also the values of the real-life vehicles. For example, we show both the Armour Value used in the game as well as the actual thickness of the armour on the real vehicle.

There are so many half-tracks used by the German forces during World War II that we have presented them in a separate document to make it a little easier.

The German Vehicle Cards are a set of quick reference game cards, containing the gaming data for each specific vehicle. The cards also have boxes for Hull Points that can be scored off as the vehicle takes damage. There are also boxes for the Hull and Turret, which can be scored off as needed should either become immobilised. You could also score out the weapons listed as they become damaged.

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