Japanese Forces

I have started working on the Japanese infantry. The Japanese infantry organisation is pretty simple (although there are conflicting accounts), and there are only a handful of tanks and weapons. So I should be able to add the Japanese as a new force fairly quickly.

There are a few points of note that make the Japanese forces distinct from other nations’. Most noticeably, the Japanese seemed to have large numbers of troops, but lacked weaponry. Indeed, there didn’t seem to be enough rifles to go around and SMGs were absent from the standard infantry company. They also seem to lack mortars, although every platoon contained 3 grenade discharges.

I have come up with a couple of special rules that would apply to the Japanese forces.

Katanas: The Officers in the Japanese forces carried Katanas, often ancient family heirlooms passed down through the generations from their Samurai ancestors. Japanese Officers equipped with a Katana gain an additional ‘shot’ when Point Shooting during Close Quarters Battle.

Code of Honour: The Japanese believed that it was a dishonour not to due for their country and Emperor. Surrender was not an option, and suicidal charges were common. As such, all Japanese units have the Fanatics special rule.

In addition to these, I am considering a special rule to reflect the Japanese lack of radios, even at battalion level, and their reliance of runners (of which they have many).

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