Focused Firepower Core Rules Update – 2015/12/25

The latest edition of the core rules are now available to download.

Core Rules

The following list details the changes and additions made by this latest update.

Movement Changes

  • The basic movement rules for infantry and vehicles have been combined together at the start of the movement rules.
  • Movement for both infantry and vehicles are now controlled using the move points mechanic.
  • The rules for vehicles moving very fast has been simplified my making moving fast count as moving through difficult ground.
  • Slight changes to special movement and motorcycle movement.

Other Changes

  • Hand-held munitions may be used against vehicles outside of close quarters battle.
  • Sorted the rules for machine guns creating beat zones.
  • Separated the rules for Bren Guns.
  • Tripod mounts for machine guns make the weapon count as having the stable firing platform rule.
  • Combined the rules for medium and heavy machine guns, and must be prepared before they can be fired.
  • SMGs no longer suffer the Snap Fire rule when point shooting. This will help to better represent their suitability for close quarters battle.
  • Moved the Marksman special rule.
  • Improvements to the Line of Sight and Fire Arcs rules.
  • Described Field Gun weapon mounts.
  • Described the rules for basing models.
  • Optional rules for alternate activation instead of turn-based activation.


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