Core Rules

The Focused Firepower rulebook includes all of the core rules you will need for playing the game. In addition, each force will have their own separate document.

Should you wish to use forces we have not yet covered you can use the points calculator document to work out the units’ points costs.

The Weapon Crib Sheets give the details of the weapons used by each force.

Core rules last updated on 16 June 2015

10 thoughts on “Core Rules

    • Hi Jocke. The next time I post an update to the core rules, I’ll make sure to also upload a version with the background image disabled.

    • Hi Jocke. I have just uploaded the latest copy of the rulebook, as well as a printer friendly version.

  1. Thank you very for the game! Quite realistic without bogging down in unnecessary details. Will this ever get updated again? I find the layout of the PDF too loose (The rules themselves are perfect), making referencing a bit hard. I would prefer if they were more compact and main sections are separated with text rather than page headings (There’s also page 21).

    Again, fantastic system, probably one of the best around (Maybe just second to FAD or Combat Action when it comes to skirmish rule sets).

    • Thanks. It’s great to hear you like it. I’m working on a few bits at the moment, particularly the Leadership and Morale section. I rarely get time to work on it so there is always a long period between updates.

  2. Would you consider making a vídeo examle of a game, like the basics, or give somo concrete exemples of certain situation (like a game report)? Keep the good work.

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