Core Rules Update – 2018/10/11

I have had this sitting around for a while. This version of the Core Rulebook features a complete overhaul of the Close Assault phase.

Key Changes:
Assaulter and Defender actions not occur simultaneously.
Assault move now counts as at-the-double, so the same movement and fatigue rules will apply.
Stand & Shoot and Point Shooting have been combined.
Assaulter counts as moving with a snap-fire penalty.
Defender counts as moving.
Defenders can use grenades.
Troopers who choose to use grenades cannot fire.
Element must contain 5 or more troopers to use grenades.

More depth has been added to vehicle damage, with many more effects now available with System Damage. This includes damage to weapons, radios, drive systems, and crew, which can lead to loss of weaponry, reduction in manoeuvrability, and even a morale penalty if the commander is injured.

Core Rules

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