Core Rules Update – 2016-03-31

The latest update for the Focused Firepower Core Rulebook has just been uploaded. Below are the details for the changes with this update.

Flamethrowers no longer have a HE value. Instead, you now roll one dice for each trooper in the target element. If you are firing at a building, you instead make one roll for each model in the target room, floor, etc. Flamethrowers don’t use hit modifiers (cover isn’t going to save you). When targeting vehicles, a flamethrower will automatically penetrate and adds D3+2 to the roll on the damage table.

Snipers, or sniper teams, can now combine their fire onto a single target element; they shots being rolled for together. Note that this means that you can use the combined lucky shots from snipers to take out machine gun and mortar teams that are mounted on a single base, as long as you hit that is.

The Reorganisation and Morale sections has been overhauled to make it clearer what needs to be done, when, and how. It was a bit of a mess, and I have been meaning to get it sorted out for a while. One point to note about this change is the ‘Under Fire’ markers placed on elements that have been fired upon.

There are still a number of items on my to-do list for the core rules, which I amend as I think of anything. There are quite a few modifications planned that are more like tweaks to they way certain special rules work, and there are a few ideas for changes I would like to make to better represent certain elements in-game.

The next section that I plan to overhaul is the Close Assault phase, but that will take some time to get sorted.

Core Rules

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