Core Rules Update – 2015/01/30

I have just uploaded a new copy of the core rulebook to the Core Rules page. This update is mostly rewriting, clarifying and defining some items.

Firstly, I have rewritten the description for the armour penetration roll so that it make more sense. It felt a bit backwards before.

I have also made some amendments to the Vehicle Special Rules section later in the rulebook. I have moved some things around, separated and properly described the definitions. I have described the different types of armoured and unarmoured vehicle descriptions and special rules. I have also worked through all of the different vehicle weapon mounts and the rules that apply to them.

While these amendments do not change how the game plays, it should clarify these rules and makes sure they are all defined in there rather than leaving them a bit vague.

Good Hunting!

Richard Fogarity – Lead Games Designer

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