Core Rules Update – 2015-06-16

I have just uploaded the latest version of the core rulebook with the rest of the changes I had planned for this version. In addition to the movement changes included in the last upload, I have made the following changes.

Automatic armour penetration: If the AT value of a shot is 3x the armour class, or if the facing is unarmoured, then the shot automatically penetrates, and counts as penetrating in the blue zone for the damage modifier. Also, the penetration modifier for armour values of ‘0’ has been removed.

Armoured & unarmoured: an armour value of ‘0’ is still an armour value and so does not count as unarmoured. Defined that soft & hard sided vehicles, as well as facings with armour value ‘-‘ are unarmoured. Armoured vehicles cannot be damaged by small arms with no AT value.

Vehicle crew injuries: I have added crew injuries to the system damage table. If a vehicle’s driver is injured the vehicle’s Speed is reduced by 1. If the Gunner/Loader is injured there is a -1 to hit modifier. If the commander is injured then the vehicle suffers the NCO casualty modifier to morale tests.

HEAT rounds: AT rounds with the HEAT type gain a +1 to the vehicle damage roll.

Officers: Defined the command ranges of officers and command vehicles, and clearly defined what Under Direct Command means.

Vehicle movement: Tracked and high mobility vehicles, including half-tracks, now count soft cover as open ground for the purposes of movement.

Medics: Instead of stating that medics cannot make a roll to negate shots from snipers, I have changed it to being unable to make a roll to negate Lucky Hits (which includes sniper hits). I have also stated that should the medic be removed as a casualty from the same attack, they are unable to make their roll. So if a unit fires upon an enemy unit and kills their medic with a lucky shot, they would be unable to use the medic to remove another hit.

Sniper teams: I have added sniper teams to the sniper rules. As certain forces, such as the US, often field snipers as part of a team (sniper and spotter), I have stated that sniper teams must be mounted on a single base just like weapon teams.

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