Core Rules Update – 2015-06-12

I have just uploaded the latest copy of the core rulebook to the Core Rules Section of the website, including a printer friendly version with the backing image disabled.

The most notable change to the rules with this version is the change to movement for infantry. The basic movement of infantry has been halved, so that normal movement across open ground is 4″ and at the double is 8″. Having infantry able to move 18″ a turn on a 4′ table just seemed nuts to me. When compared to the way movement for vehicles is handled, this made infantry effectively moving like world record 100m sprinters!

This chance has also allowed me to simplify movement so that all elements, infantry and vehicles, use Move Points (infantry just count as having one point). Infantry can still turn freely. Having the same set move distances for different terrain as with vehicles also gets rid of that random extra D6 move on roads and instead makes normal movement 6″, where off-road movement on open ground is 4″. It also means that mounted infantry can be easily tidied up by having two Move Points.

Happy Gaming!

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