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  1. Impressed with the rules-obviously derived from actual operating procedures and field practices.(I recognise the pre-battle checks etc).I’ve only read through them quickly but I’ve just a few queries:

    1/ I can’t seem to access the data for German vehicles.
    2/ Am I right in thinking the Leadership test uses the same chart as the Morale test?
    3/ Are there data sheets for artillery and tank guns?

    I may have some ideas on the inclusion of ground attack aircraft- I’ll let you know.


    • Thanks for the comment Lance. Below I have endeavoured to answer your queries.

      1 – I had missed the link for the German vehicles document when I changed the way the files are stored, making the link obsolete. I have now updated it so that you can get the German vehicles document.

      2 – They do use the same table, but there are no negative repercussions for failing a Leadership test. Other than failing to perform the task you were attempting.

      3 – All of the weapons that we have worked out game data for are listed in the Weapon Crib Sheets. The guns used by tanks and self-propelled guns are in there too. I have noticed that some of the weapons appear to have different names listed. This is due to many weapons having different designations, often changing to signify the factory a particular weapon was produced in. I will go though both the vehicle and weapon document soon to make sure everything matches up.

      Thanks again, and if you spot anything else that may be an issue, or is simply not clear please let be know. Every bit of feedback helps us improve the rules set.

      I am currently working on the US infantry and vehicles documents, as well as the Hungarian and Italian documents. I hope to start adding these to the website in the next few weeks.

  2. Ok- got a handle on these rules now and am impressed.
    The IDF rules seem incomplete and inaccurate though.I’ve e-mailed three
    suggested changes to make them more realistic and interesting for the players too.
    1/ A change to the deviation distances for the initial round.
    2/ New procedure for adjusting onto targets the way real gunners would.
    3/ Procedure for using batteries/sections of more than one tube.

    One thing I missed- once tubes are properly on target it will not be necessary to
    go through all the procedure again, the guns automatically hit ( unless the target
    moves, of course…).

    All the Best


    • Hi Lance. I have added an updated copy of the rulebook. Amongst the alterations is a clear-up of the IDF Orders section. An ‘Adjust to Target’ rule has been added to the IDF section as well.

  3. Again, really awesome rules-set and thanks for sharing them. On that note I have some questions:

    1) Under what license are you releasing these?
    2) Is there an editable versions of the rules anywhere that I could get? I dabble in editing/design and wouldn’t mind tinkering with the layout/spell check.
    3) Percentage wise, where do you see the core rules at as far as being complete in your eyes? What do you want to add, if anything?

    I can’t wait to get some large scale rules as well. I had always wanted to play a large table game (maybe at PLT/CO level) and then have a smaller table set up to use rules like these for the ‘zoom in’ effect of the battle! Not sure how I would keep the large scale game going, maybe a 3:1 turn sequence? Every three turns go back to the big battle and play a turn… I don’t know, but really excited about the possibilities!

    • Focused Firepower is the property of the Focused Firepower Development Team, but has been made available to the public to use free of charge. However, we do encourage players to give a donation of a military charity.

      You would not be able to have access to an editable copy of the rules, but if you spot any mistakes, just send me an email to info@focusedfirepower.co.uk.

      The core rules are all there, but I plan to go in and flesh out the special unit types. In addition to that, we plan to add photographs and diagrams to better illustrate how certain rules mechanics work.

      Any development of the core rules would come after the planned work on more orbats, weapons crib sheets and vehicles.

  4. Wow, okay. I was hoping for maybe a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial
    CC BY-NC license, but completely understand. As a Vet, I appreciate the donation to a military charity! Just made this a number one rules-set in my opinion.

    I did notice a couple possible edits, but not sure if they are due to language differences or whatnot. I will make note of them and send off an email the next time I read through them. Which will probably be soon 😉

    Again, I just can’t say enough great things about the release of these rules! Bravo.

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