Building a British Rifle Platoon

I give here details of how to use the Valiant Miniatures British Tommies box set to build a British Rifle Platoon from 1943-1944; the basic force you will need to play Brits in Focused Firepower.

Below is an image of the back of the box showing the figure poses that it contains.

Box Contents:
A – Officer
B – Corporal/Sergeant with SMG
C – SMG armed Trooper – Usually a Batman or Medic (with additional pack)
D – Rifleman
E – Rifleman
F – Rifleman
G – 3” Mortar Crewman (Not used)
H – Signaller with Radio
I – Officer/Spotter
J – 2” Mortar Crewman
K – Rifleman/Gunner – 2 will need to carry rifles.
L – Gunner with Bren Gun or PIAT (PIAT not used)
M – Gunner with Vickers MG (Not used)
N – 3” Mortar Crewman (Not used)
O – 3” Mortar (Not used)
P – Conversion Parts

Command Section Requires:
A x 1 – Officer w/ SMG
B x 1 – Sergeant w/ SMG
H x 1 – Signaller w/ SMG
C x 1 – Medic (SMG armed trooper with additional pack)
J x 1 – 2” Mortar
D/E/F/K x 2 – 2 Riflemen

Rifle Sections Require (Platoon has 3 Rifle Sections):
B x 1 – Corporal
K/L x 1 – Gunner
D/E/F/K x 8 – 8 Riflemen

The set also comes with a number of conversion and optional parts. Most of the conversion parts are alternative heads, including officers’ hats and berets, but there is also an additional pack that I give to my Medic figures.

This one box can be used to represent pretty much all British and Commonwealth infantry en every theatre of World War II.

The set contains a lot of figures that are not required for the basic infantry platoon. Don’t worry about wasting them. With 3 boxes you’ll have enough platoons for a Company and their available machine gun platoons and mortar platoons.

Painting British
The best paints I have found for my British soldiers’ uniforms are:
Revell 86 Matt Olive Brown for the main uniform colour, and Revell 89 Matt Beige for the webbing.

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