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Welcome the the official website for the Focused Firepower World War II wargame rules. Focused Firepower is completely free to download from this website. However, we do encourage players to give a donation to a veterans charity. The Support Page includes links to several British Forces Charities.

Focused Firepower is a scenario-driven World War II tabletop wargame designed to be played with 1/72 scale miniatures, although the system works just as well with 28mm (1/56) models. We have endeavoured to offer an in-depth game system with the focus on realism, but the system we have developed is easy to learn and games flow well.

As a 1:1 system the models you have on the tabletop represent the exact troops and vehicles. The majority of other game systems use a more abstract method where one unit actually represents several, or where entire units are modelled on a single base and dealt with as a whole. We found that our method provides a more accurate and realistic impression of real warfare.

By focusing our game on realism we have found that real-world tactics work just as well on the tabletop and we highly recommend reading the fantastic range of WWII tactics books published by Osprey.

Core Rules: The core rules section of the site includes the files for the core rulebook, as well as the weapon crib sheets for all factions. The Core Rules section also includes the ‘points calculator’ document in case you want to use units and vehicle we have not yet covered.

ORBATS & Datafaxes: The sections contained within this header are dedicated to each of the factions we have covered so far. On each force’s page you will find the documents detailing their infantry companies and common vehicles.

Scenarios: This section of the website will detail example scenarios for you to try out and to give you inspiration for making your own scenarios. We plan to add more scenarios to this section in the future, but for now we have given the scenario we use for demonstration games.

Articles: This section currently contains articles describing how to use the Valiant Miniatures boxes to build Rifle Platoons.

Support: Focused Firepower was originally conceived to give a more accurate impression of the challenges faced by soldiers at war, and to encourage support for our wounded soldiers and veterans.

Contact: We are always keen to hear feedback about our system. If you would like to share your thoughts you can contact me at the email address listed on the contact page. Alternatively you can leave comments at the bottom of each page of this website.

Models: As our game is designed for 1/72 scale, you can make use of the wide range of models that are of the easily, and cheaply, available in any local model shop. We have found the following manufacturers of figures and vehicles to be ideal.

  • Armourfast produce a wide range of fast assembly tanks.
  • Valiant Miniatures offer sets of high quality, multi-part hard plastic figures. The figures are a little ‘beefy’ for 1/72, but are the right height (unlike many manuacturers).
  • Plastic Soldier Company is a relatively new manufacturer who produce a nice range of figures, guns and vehicles. PSC are producing good quality sets at a fantastic rate, including many neglected British subjects.
  • Italeri have a large range of vehicles and figures at 1/72 scale, including a selection of fast assembly vehicles. Unfortunately Italeri have recently been scaling back their vehicles range.
  • IBG produce a range of top-quality 1/72 scale support vehicle, including Bedford trucks and Universal Carriers.
  • There is also a wide range of World War II figure sets available from HaT Industrie, Caesar Miniatures and Strelets. The quality of these ranges is more varied than those above. Generally the newer sets are better than the old ones.

6s2Hit: Focused Firepower has its own board on the 6s2Hit wargaming forum. Here you can find addition and WIP rules and discuss any aspect of the game.
Miniature Wargaming: We have been included on the Miniature Wargaming list of World War II wargaming rules systems. If you are logged into Facebook, you can also show your support by ‘liking’ our page on Miniature Wargaming.
Freewargamerules: This site is a great resource for finding wargaming rules, and we are listed on their World War II page.

Focused Firepower Development Team
The Focused Firepower Development Team consists of Jim Anderson, Derek Sinclair, Richard Fogarity, Alan Hume, James Flack and Ian Terrell. Ownership and Copyright of Focused Firepower lies with the Focused Firepower Development Team.

All of the documents available on this website have been developed by Richard Fogarity from the Focused Firepower Development Team’s original documentation concluded and compiled in December 2009. Should you wish to view the original documents they are available from the link below.

Focused Firepower Original Documentation
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  1. Hello my name is Chris Goddard and I am the starter of the World Wide D Day event. What is it?
    Well quite simply put, on the 06/06/15 a large group of gamers from all over the world will be re-fighting parts of D Day. We have players from Europe, GB, USA, Canada and australia.
    As a scale 1/72 represents my core rout’s as many I am sure started out with books under the blanket for hills and badly glued Airfix Tigers taking on the allies. Come a long way since then but still make 1/72 but these days with a little less glue.
    Please look up what we doing on the BOW website in the hobby section.
    So why the contact to you guys if its going well, simple! I want it to be the largest ever single one day wargame event of actual play ever. I say one day looking at the time zones involved it may look longer than an actual 24hrs.
    If you like wargaming in WW2 in any scale or format on a board of any description, then please join us. Were not sure how yet but I am trying to somehow tie the games from the UK to the Combat stress appeal charity here, many other players in their own countries are trying to give to there own military charities.
    So to conclude it does not matter what country you are from or in currently, please get behind what must be the largest one day game world wide and lets as gamers show we can overcome the borders that some seem to have as roadblocks to their individual gaming.
    Contact me on this E mail address. chrisgoddard1959@hotmail.com or better still track us down on the Beast Of War site under the Historical section or ask anyone in their and i’m sure they’ll help direct you over to us.
    I thankyou for your tie in reading this
    Chris goddard

  2. My group has been looking for a different set of rules other than Bolt Action for our 28mm gaming. From what we see we are in high hopes these rules will fit the bill.

    • That’s great to hear. Bolt Action is a good game, but a bit too abstract for my tastes. I hope you enjoy playing Focused Firepower. Let me know how you get on.

      I plan on doing an overhaul of the leadership and morale sections so maybe hearing your feedback on playing the game will push me to get round to completing it.

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